There is nothing more annoying and time-consuming than cleaning up graffiti found outside your shop. Graffiti is an art and considered beautiful by many, but if done destructively and distastefully, it can affect your business and how your brand will be perceived by potential customers.

What shop owners would usually do before to deal with unwanted graffiti is to change their glass windows altogether, which is extremely time-consuming and costly. Some commercial window tinting companies offer a quick and cost-efficient solution to these graffiti woes, called anti-graffiti film. Here’s a list of why you should use anti-graffiti film for your shop’s windows:


It will save you so much time and money

When having to deal with unwanted graffiti art, the first thing you’ll think of is how much time and energy it will take for you to clean up that mess. Some business owners have no time to squeeze in a scrubbing session, so they just completely replace the damaged window. These are incredibly unnecessary additional tasks to take.

The great thing about installing anti-graffiti film on your windows is that it’s so much easier to clean. When someone starts to vandalise your windows, they wouldn’t know that there is an invincible protective film that acts as a barrier to protect your glass. This way, when you have to deal with graffiti, all you need to do is to peel off the film.


It protects your glass

When looking for the perfect commercial window tinting, most reputable tinting services would suggest anti-graffiti film. It doesn’t only protect your glass from unwanted graffiti art but also protects your glass windows from other foreign elements.

When a person decides to vandalise your window with graffiti, they won’t think about the surface they are dealing with but will go ahead and spray their art onto the windows. A notable feature of the anti-graffiti film is that it can easily be peeled off and it serves as a protective shield for your window. When removed, you will notice that your glass window is left without damages or blemishes thanks to the protection anti-graffiti film promises.

The anti-graffiti film doesn’t only protect your windows from graffiti, but it can also protect the existing window tinting you have at your shop. If your shop has high-quality tinting on their windows, it is best to consider applying another protective film to avoid damages in the future.


It effectively protects you from UV rays

Not only does anti-graffiti protect you from unwanted street art and damages to your shop, but it also protects your well-being. Most anti-graffiti tinting have minor SPF properties that can help block UV rays from entering your space. Layer this film with an existing window tint and get extra protection from the harmful rays of the sun.



Gone are the days where you have to replace windows and close your shop for days to repair damaged and vandalized storefronts. Speak with a reputable commercial window tinting company to help you install the anti-graffiti film in your shop. It’s worth investing in because it is extremely cost-efficient and saves you so much time.

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