By now, you may have known the importance of tinted windows. Whether it’s for your home, office, or commercial space, a window tinting brings many benefits. Now, you must be wondering what kind of window tinting you need.

There are many kinds of window tint to choose from. Each is different in design and tint shading. The right window tint percentage for you depends on your purpose. Here is a little guide to help you out.


Purpose 1: Increase in Privacy

Window tints with tint percentage below 20 have darker covering, which allows less light to enter your room. It’s the perfect shade to boost your room’s privacy. You can use it in rooms that require more seclusion, peace, and quiet like bedrooms, bathrooms, entryways in office, and office partitions.

Darker window tints are also ideal for large windows. You can use darker tints at the bottom part of your window to increase the privacy level and then add lighter ones on top for more light. There are also window tints that prevent people from seeing the inside of your house even when your house or office lights are on.

Identify the type of coverage you need and ask for assistance from your window tinting supplier.


Purpose 2: Ideal Temperature 

When it comes to room temperature, you either want to make your room feel cooler or warmer. There are specific window tints that cater to that need.

If your room is warm, and you want to decrease the temperature, there is a window film for heat control that you can use. It acts as sun control and refracts the heat, deflecting almost 80 per cent of the heat that is supposed to enter the room. Using the heat control window film does not reduce or affect the lighting inside your room or its visibility from the inside and outside.

On the other hand, window films can also help keep your room warm. There are special window tints that block the cold temperature coming from the outside. They also help distribute the warm room temperature inside.


Purpose 3: Better Visibility

You can use window tint to make the inside of your property more visible. That is useful for stores that have indoor displays that you want to highlight.

Sometimes, the sun’s reflection on glass windows will prevent people from seeing the store display. At night, the same scenario can also be experienced when you cannot see the outside clearly because of your indoor lights.

These problems can be addressed by a special tint that can reduce the glare reflected on the window. The same film does not compromise the level of light that comes into your store.


Purpose 4: Lessen Glare

Glares in televisions, computers, and phones are small things that can eventually become annoying. Window films can help reduce glares caused by natural light without limiting the light inside your home or office. With films on your window, you can have a more peaceful and enjoyable work or TV watching experience.



Your window tint percentage will depend on the level of privacy you want, the amount of light you want to let in, the room temperature you desire, and how much protection you need from glare. Contact your trusted window tinting supplier to help you determine the right tint for your need.

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