Today, many business establishments are pushing through with the idea of ‘going green’ for this reason, they think of various innovative ways and means to save energy and cause less impact on the environment.

“Going green” can go as far as having commercial window tinting for your office. When it comes to this, installing solar window films will be your best option. This is because they can lower energy costs, conserve energy, and enhance comfort levels in the working environment.

In this article, we will share with you three major reasons to install solar window films for your office:



  1. Protection against the sun’s glare and UV rays

Experts say that the temperature at the sun’s core can have up to 27 million degrees Fahrenheit. Because of this, the harmful UV rays of the sun can actually reach commercial establishments amid the sun’s distance for about 92 million miles away. Office tenants may complain about the sun’s distraction on screens, the impact of UV rays on skin, and the damages they present to fabrics and equipment.

The solar window films can serve as protection against the sun’s glare and UV rays. Know that they can reject up to 97 per cent of infrared light and protect against 99 per cent of the sun’s harmful UV rays. They can even reduce glare and maintain the view with low interior and exterior reflectivity.


  1. Reduction of energy consumption and carbon emission

Too much sun’s heat that can get into the office windows can significantly impact the indoor climate. For this reason, the building’s cooling system has to work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature. As a result, energy consumption in the office increases significantly. The system and appliances can also have too much carbon emission that can harm the environment.

What’s good about the solar window films is how they reject the heat of the sun. They allow your windows to absorb natural light while reducing the intense heat. As a result, the office or building will have less energy use or consumption, and it will be more likely to emit less carbon in the environment.


  1. Saving money on monthly energy bills

 Many commercial offices complain about high monthly energy bills. Yet, they don’t find ways and means to reduce energy consumption. As a result, they end up getting complacent by paying more on energy costs.

What many commercial property owners or property managers fail to realise is how something as simple as solar window films can actually reduce energy use. This is because these films can reduce heat gain by up to 79 per cent in the summer and pay for themselves in three years. Because of this, installing solar window films for your office can help you save up on energy costs in the long run.



 As you can see, solar window films are beneficial for you and your office in many ways. They protect you from the sun, reduce energy consumption, and help you save on your monthly energy bills.

If you’re looking for reputable services in office window tinting in Brisbane, and specifically want to install solar window film, get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

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