As a homeowner in Brisbane, you’re likely aware of window tinting. If not, window tinting is a process in which a film is applied to a window for a specific purpose, such as blocking UV rays from passing the window fixture. Window tinting has a wide array of benefits, however, many myths and misconceptions surround the idea of window tinting that desperately need to be debunked.

Here are three myths about window tinting and the truths behind them:


Myth #1: Makes Your Home Burglar-Proof

 If you think that adding window films to your home is going to make it burglar-proof, think again. A film isn’t going to stop anyone from trying to smash your windows in to get their hands on your things.

However, window films still add some layer of security to your home. First, because they’re tinted, window tints will make it harder for troublemakers to peek into your home. This acts as a form of deterrent. Second, window tints add some strength to the window, adding some resistance against a thief’s efforts to smash the window in. If the window does give way, the tint helps by keeping the little bits and pieces of glass from flying all over the floor. This is also useful if something strikes your window, such as a storm flinging debris into your windows and the likes.


Myth #2: Makes Your Home Darker

Since window tints are dark, you might assume that it’ll make your living space much darker than normal. Would it surprise you that it does the opposite?

That’s right! There are many types of window tints out there. While the darker ones might make you think it does darken the home, it allows you to keep the blinds open, allowing just enough light to keep the home bright without making it too glaring. If you do not like dark tints, there are tints out there that still block UV rays while still allowing light to enter, thus removing the need to turn on your lights during the day.


Myth #3: Only Works in the Summer 

You might have heard somewhere that window tints are great insulators. That’s true! Since glass is a terrible insulator by itself, the tints act like the foam you find installed in roofs, adding to the window’s ability to maintain the temperature in the rooms.

In other words, window tints don’t only keep heat out of your home, but it helps maintain whatever temperature you have inside your home. As a result, you enjoy a reduction in energy bills, up to 25 percent and higher!



We hope that these articles have cleared up some of the myths that may have been stopping you from purchasing window tints. If you still aren’t convinced about installing home window tints, here’s a summary of why you should: it helps save energy costs, it keeps your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter, it strengthens the glass and deters burglars, and finally, they enhance your home’s curb appeal!

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