Sunlight plays a major part in creating a comfortable living space. With the right amount, it can provide enough warmth and lighting that rooms require for a comfortable and pleasing environment. In particular, glass windows and sliding doors are perfect in giving that option of having sufficient sunlight while still offering a sense of space in a room.

At certain hours of the day, however, the sun’s rays can be too hot until it reaches uncomfortable levels during middays and long summer season. Thanks to technological innovations, solar control window films installed on your glass windows can help reduce the sun’s heat and glare.

Solar window films today are highly differentiated and provide great benefits beyond reducing heat and protecting you from the sun’s harmful infrared or UV rays. Before you go out to search for a solar window film for you home, here are five types that you should know:


  1. Metalized Films

Metalized films, also known as deposited films, are manufactured by heating metals, such as nickel and aluminum under high pressure. They are then deposited or dispersed over the film to create a thick layer. Metalized films help absorb radiation and the heat, therefore preventing these harmful elements from reaching the interiors.


  1. Ceramic Window Films

This type of window film, free of metals, is an ideal option if you don’t want reflections on your windows but still want to maintain a certain level of solar control. Ceramic films are also a great choice if you live in places that have a coastal climate because they can withstand long years of humid and salty air without deteriorating or corroding.


  1. Tinted Sun Control Films

Automobiles typically have tinted windows, however, not all countries allow such usage. When used on residential or commercial glass windows, tinted sun control films can work as excellent insulators to reduce as much as 60 per cent of the heat while still allowing in as much as 30 to 70 per cent of light. Energy consumption is also decreased by 10 to 15 per cent from using tinted window films. Furthermore, depending on weather conditions, air conditioners may not be needed anymore if you have tinted sun control films installed on your windows.


  1. Harmony Window Films

Harmony window films are one of the newest innovations in the window film industry. It is specifically designed to improve home life while offering sophisticated features and low reflectivity. Harmony window films are manufactured from a premium combination of nano-ceramic technology and proprietary metals. They help soothe the eyes with their glare reduction properties, ease the effects of the sun’s harmful UV rays, and make hot spots virtually disappear.

Additionally, every shade is soft and subtle and offers superior optical clarity. Harmony window films are recommended for historic homes, for homeowners who do not want any changes in their exterior styles, and for those who have to meet neighborhood association guidelines.


  1. Clear Sun Control Films

For those who are not too keen on having tinted windows, clear sun control films are great alternatives. They offer the same benefits as tinted films but with a much clearer and scenic view of the outside. If you live in scenic areas and do not want the view to be obscured or modified, then these films are a perfect choice.


Wrapping Up

Installing window films is a valuable investment that will benefit your home. Because there are many options available in the market, make sure that you know which one will best fit your home’s needs. For all your window tinting needs in Brisbane, get in touch with us today!

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