Residential window film comes with a number of benefits for homeowners. They provide an extra layer of protection against glare, UV exposure, and excessive heat, minimizing the need to turning down the air conditioner in the summer and save energy expenses in the process. With the right window film, you can reap all the benefits that it has to offer. As utilities are typically the biggest source of energy consumption in a household, it makes economical sense to install window film as it can reduce utility costs – regardless of the season. Let’s take a look at the benefits of window film in more detail.

  1. Reduces Energy Expenses

Normal windows without any treatment allow the heat from the sun to have control over your home’s temperature. On sunny days, your house may have some hot spots that require significant amounts of energy to fix. With the addition of solar window film, you can gain back your control over the temperature inside your house, which can substantially reduce your energy expenses.

  1. Provides Consistent Temperature

Excessive heat from the sun can cause inconsistency in the indoor temperature. You may find that some areas of the house feel just like greenhouses while others stay cool and unaffected by the sun. Window film can help you have an even temperature across the rooms in your home. This will make you more comfortable as well as take some load off your HVAC system.

  1. Reduces Glare

Glare can interfere with your ability to look at the computer screen, read a book, watch a TV, and carry out other household tasks. Window tint comes with an ability to reflect glare away from your home, allowing you to do your tasks more productively and comfortably.

  1. Protects You Against UV Rays

Ultraviolet radiation from the sun is one of the major causes of non-melanoma skin cancer. As window tint can block up to 99% of UV rays, everyone in the household can be safe from these harmful rays and the risk of skin cancer becomes lower as well.

  1. Improves Security

Everyone wants to feel safe in their own home. Window film, particularly specially designed security films, can add a layer of security to your home. These films are able to hold broken glass together, which makes it harder for burglars to get into your house through a window.

  1. Enhances Safety

Attempted burglary, harsh weather, or an accident can all easily break your window. Again, window films that hold broken shards together will not shatter and make a mess everywhere in the room. This way, you and your family will stay safe inside the house and avoid injury.

  1. Requires Minimal Maintenance

As window film is resistant to water and scratch, maintenance has never been easier. That being said, all types of window films need different cleaning methods and solutions, and so you want to make sure that you know how to properly clean your film.

  1. Enhances Privacy

Windows provide a view to the outside world, which is one of the many things they are good for. That being said, you do not want strangers to look inside your home through the same windows. Privacy window film is designed to provide you with the privacy that you need by preventing people from seeing in.

  1. Increases Aesthetic Appeal

If you are renovating your home, then now is the perfect opportunity to install a new window film. Window film will not only improve your home’s performance but also enhance your overall curb appeal.

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