When it comes to window tinting, some people believe that films are the best investment they have ever made, while others think that they’re a waste of money. The biggest reason why people don’t believe window films are an effective solution for their issues is because of the myths surrounding the product. In this article, we’ll discuss 10 myths about window tinting that need to be debunked.

1. “Window films are expensive.”

While you may have to pay quite a sum when making the initial investment in high-quality window films, the price will be made up in reduced energy costs. Window films will help to reduce your energy consumption rating while maintaining the same level of comfort and performance for your appliances, meaning that your tints will pay for themselves with time.

2. “Birds will fly into your tinted windows.”

Reflective window films create a mirror-like surface that may cause birds to think that they are flying into open sky. Such films often cause these birds to crash into the window. This is dangerous for the bird and inconvenient for the residents and owners of the building. Fortunately, it’s not unpreventable. You can opt to use products that aren’t as reflective, allowing birds to more clearly see windows that they should be avoiding.

3.“Window film will make the interior space too dark.”

You can choose how dark you want the room to be by choosing the light transmission rating according to your needs. You can leave your bedroom dark and your living room bright or even vice versa. This allows you to customise your interior space to be the way you want it to be.

4. “Window films will make your house looks cheap.”

If you choose high-quality window tinting products, you won’t have to worry about the look of your windows. Cheap window films will bubble and turn slightly purple over time, which will reduce both the aesthetic and monetary value of your home. Therefore, you should always choose top-quality products when looking to tint your windows.

5. “Window film will kill your houseplants.”

Window films only block out the harmful UV rays and not the sunlight that your houseplants need for nourishment. Your plants may require some time before they become familiar with the light levels in the room, but after that adjustment period, they will return to their healthy state in no time!

6. “Window films are easily scratched and damaged.”

On the contrary, window films provide protection against scratches to the surface of the windows, not to mention that they will also increase the structural integrity of the glass. For these reasons, window films act as a layer of protection for your windows, making them more resistant to many types of damage.

7. “Window films will fade.”

While it’s true that every window film will fade with time, the high-quality ones will do so at a much slower rate than lower-quality ones. Top notch window tinting products can last for up to 20 years. They may even come with a lifetime warranty. You won’t ever have to be worried about replacing them for years to come if you choose the right product.

8. “Window films will bubble up.”

When window film is installed to the glass, it is impossible to remove all of the solution that is used to apply the film to the glass, in some cases this can take several months to dry. All reputable brands have warranties for bubbling, if the problem persists we will sort this for you”.

9. “Window films will damage the window seals.”

This is a misconception, as window films do not actually have any impact or influence of the window seals. Any damage to the seals is often associated with the adhesive used on the seal, wear and tear or installation issues of the seal itself.

10. “Window films will ruin the view from inside of the home.”

High-quality window films help to block out the vision from the outside while allowing natural light to come through without any issues. Many people also think that window films will also prevent the vision from the inside of the window to the outside world as well. This is not something that you have to worry about, as window films are designed to be seen through from one side while obscuring the vision from the other. If anything, it will help you to enjoy more of the view, as the glare and the excessive light are minimised, giving you the most eye comfort.


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