You don’t need convincing that you should secure your home with any method necessary. It’s a scary thought to wake up in the middle of the night to see a stranger in your home. The best case is that they left your home without taking anything, but nobody wants to see that scene plays out badly. One way to protect your home from burglars is by having your window tinted. Although it might not seem like an obvious solution, it is, and we will discuss why that’s the case.


How Can Window Tint Deter Burglars?

Aside from its thermal control and UV protection properties, tinted windows also block the outside views. Tinted windows are hard to peek through, which means that burglars will not want to target your home. They don’t know if there’s anything valuable in the home, and they don’t know if there’s someone inside the home unexpectedly. It’s a simple way to deter a burglar because they can’t gauge if their effort will be worth it while increasing the risk unnecessarily.


Shatter Resistance

Tinted windows are less susceptible to breakage. The layers of window films provide a frame for the shattered glass to hold its shape, as well as increasing the structural integrity of the window. By improving the shatter resistance of your windows with window film, your window may be able to withstand impact with a fist or a metal object, if you are home this will give you time to alert the authorities as you will hear the impact of a fist or metal object against your window. The would-be thief will be unable to smash your window completely in order to take whatever may be within reach as the window film will prevent the glass from shattering.

A common type of burglary is a smash and grab, which is made much more difficult if the window is hard to break. You will buy yourself precious time to escape or to wait for the police to arrive.


Limited Visibility

Burglaries mostly happen at night. When your lights are on, it’s very easy for passersby to see inside your home. However, if your windows are tinted, they will block the view from outside, which as mentioned, will deter the burglars. Your window films aren’t pitch black, but they absorb and reflect enough light to not make it obvious how many people are in the house. 

If visibility isn’t something that you’re worried about, but you still want to protect your windows, you can opt for a clear security line tint instead. This type of films provides you with the same protective properties without dimming the outside-in views.

As a homeowner, you want your house to be as secure as possible. An alarm system that goes off when a window is broken is useful, but having another layer of protection is always a good idea. A security window film can help you rest easy at night, knowing that your household valuables are protected.

 If you’re interested in receiving all of the benefits as well as that extra peace of mind when you have security film installed, give Cooltone Window tint a call.


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