At Cooltone we really enjoy taking on challenging jobs and Pacific Fair at the Gold Coast was no exception.

We recently were tasked with fitting 3M Prestige 40 to their glass sky-lighting throughout the centre.

The Challenge

We were tasked with fitting 3M Prestige 40 to the sky lights through out Pacific Fair shopping centre. The problem was that fitting window film you need to make full contact with the glass surface in its entirety however this is quite dangerous with sky-lighting you need to ensure you are not applying too much weight to the glass surface in case it breaks.

We designed a custom made rig to allow our installers to sit about the glass surface without having to make contact to the glass and allowing us to adequately install the window film safely.

To ensure there was absolutely no risk to the public we completed the job outside or regular hours of the Pacific Fair.


About the Product – 3M Prestige 40

3M Prestige 40 is a premium range window film from 3M it is only available to exclusive installers and suppliers.

There are a multitude of films available in market designed to reject heat, however many of these films are tinted dark, highly reflective and contain metallic particles to block out the sun.  3M Prestige uses a non-metallised multilayer optical film that is designed to maximise heat reduction, with minimal reflection and interference.

Because 3M Prestige is Non-Metallised there is little to no reflectivity, there is no interference with electronic device wireless signals and are not susceptible to corrosion.

3M Prestige are the leading films in Sun Control, reducing up to 40% of the harmful UV rays from the Sun, 3M invest in highly regarded independent scientific testing to determine the maximum potential of their products.

All 3M Products are backed with a lifetime warranty and the 3M promise.


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