With storm season just around the corner, Queenslander’s around the state are getting storm ready. As the state government urges residence throughout the state to invest in measures to be ready for a variety of circumstance from flooding, strong winds, power outages and more, Cooltone are 100% behind the state governments push to be storm ready, you can view the state governments main site here.

Protecting your family through this time is a major concern for a lot Queenslander’s and taking the right measures are important one of the most effective safety measures you can take is using a high quality safety film, applied to the flat glass window surfaces throughout your home, safety films minimise breakage and shattering of glass windows and doors. Protecting you and your family from injuries that can be cause by glass being smashed from, storm debris, hail and strong winds.

An added benefit of safety glass if the additional security provided to your home, safety glass is much more difficult to break and can prevent or even stop intruders from being able to enter your home in the event of a attempted break in.

Cooltone have a variety of safety films available in several brands, we recommend 3M™ for a superior film, the patented technology of interwoven micro layers of polyesters within the film, is a design which is unique to 3M™.  The design of the film minimises the effects of storm damage to glass windows by holding the shattered glass together, this maintains the integrity of the glass during a storm to storm the wind and additional debris from entering the window.

We have a variety of 3M™ Safety films, some which include solar and UV minimising properties and have clear finishes to darker tint.

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