With larger than usual plate glass windows and a requirement for high solar energy rejection, the refurbishment of the Unitab Head Office posed a unique challenge for Cooltone.


Unitab’s priority was finding a solution to their soaring energy costs, with 2100m2 of window coverage and deteriorating venetian blinds a major contributor to the increase in energy usage. To meet the client’s needs, Cooltone had to identify a product that had a conservative Solar Absorption performance, while at the same time maintaining a high rate of Solar Energy Rejection.


Cooltone settled on SolargardTM ST20 Neutral as the answer to Unitab’s problem, as it rejects a massive 75% of Solar Energy on 6mm glass. Then, using site-specific data in the Demand Analyser, Cooltone was able to demonstrate that the initial investment in ST20 would be paid off in two years; after that, the client would make significant annual savings on energy costs.


An additional benefit of using the ST20 was in terms of window quality — Glare Rejection at 74% and UV Reduction at 99% — which improved access to the panoramic views and reduced the heavy glare on computer screens. And, while the Unitab Head Office had begun to look a bit dilapidated due to age, application of the ST20 film has now given it the appearance of an up-to-date architecturally-designed building.

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