When solar glare started to interfere with the vital research undertaken at the Queensland Institute of Medical Research (QIMR), Cooltone came up with a solution.


Now one of Australia’s preeminent medical research facilities, QIMR started life in 1945, in temporary buildings that had previously housed US armed forces. Since then, with significant philanthropic support, QIMR has expanded across three state-of-the-art buildings within the grounds of the Royal Brisbane Hospital.


In 2006, Cooltone was approached to retrofit the Clive Berghofer Cancer Research Centre building with tinted film, to reduce the glare that was getting in the way of the research being carried out at the centre.


As the original windows were green body tinted laminated glass, Cooltone needed to be sensitive to the amount of thermal activity created once a film was applied. This meant there was a limitation on the number of films that could be used.


To find the best solution for the client, Cooltone undertook an energy audit using Bekaert’s Demand Analyser. As a result, SolargardTM True Grey 20 was identified as the best product for the job, reducing glare while maintaining sufficient light levels for the important research to continue unhindered.

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