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Gone are the days of boring glass walls and tacky wall paper. Glass and window films have evolved to be more than a simple clear tint. Innovation in film technology allows designers to get creative and tell a story through the final aesthetic.

The addition of simple dusted crystal or architectural patterns allow levels of privacy and design that were not considered possible before. 3M Fasara films encorporate design elements from around the world to bring a new perspective to residential and commercial spaces. 

There is a large variety of finishes, patterns, colours, gradations and concepts available to choose from that allow architectures and designers to express their true self. Small elements can now mean the final touches that bring together a whole space. 


Benefits of 3M Fasara Films



Enhanced Aesthetics


Various Patterns Available


Versatile & Attractive



“Cloud” mimics the centralisation of frosted particles in the centre of the film with gradual dispersion of frosted areas towards both ends. Available in full rolls for maximum glass partition coverage, “Cloud Gradation” is an excellent option for meeting rooms, office spaces and commercial usage. The transparency on both ends of the frosted area allows for partial visibility into tinted spaces while still allowing low to medium level of privacy.




“Illumina” is a full roll frosted film option starting from frosted particles at floor position with a decreasing frequency of frosted areas upwards toward eye level. The ability to change the style, pattern and colour of this film makes it a great choice for architectural and decorative finishes within commercial spaces. Full transparency at the top of the film with different levels of gradation provide low levels of privacy.




“Aerina” is a full coverage frosted film while still allowing a range of gradation percentages. Starting at floor level with a frosted pattern, the pattern continues to the other end of the film with a lower percentage of concentration. The architectural bones with customised decorative elements make this an excellent film for medium to high levels of privacy in commercial offices.


Milky Milky


“Milky Milky” is a smooth and typical frosted film with a high percentage of dusted crystal. The percentage remains the same through the entirety of the film making it an excellent option for full coverage. The high level of privacy this film provides makes it the perfect option for any residential or commercial application.




“Luna” features a full coverage frosted film with transparent circles/dots consistently throughout the entire roll. The architectural design mixed with decorative elements allows this film to be utilised in any commercial space. Choose the dimension of the dots to maximise light exposure while maintaining a high level of privacy.


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