Have you ever experienced stepping into an office or establishment and being impressed by its overall look? The designs, the colour, the form and the shape of the structures; all of them work in unity. You may have witnessed the area’s architectural finish in such a case.

If you are concerned about the appearance of your spaces, knowing the finishes will help push your space to an all-time high.


What Is an Architectural Finish?

An architectural finish is simply an application of decorative or protective material on the outer surfaces. This is done to enhance the structure’s aesthetics, protect it from the elements, and improve the building’s function, design, and value.


What Are the Common Types of Finishes?

There are two main types of finishes:

  • Protective finishes
  • Decorative finishes


The protective finish is used to protect the structural components of the building, such as the exterior wall, ceilings, and other elements. This is important to ensure the durability and longevity of your architectural structure.

On the other hand, the decorative finish is used to improve the appearance of a structure.


What Are the Products or Materials Used for Finishes?

The finishes of a structure will depend on its desired functions, the building’s purpose, etc. If a building is used by the public, the finishes will be different from those used by a company.

The exterior wall finish of a building can vary as well. Stainless steel and glass are popular choices due to their exterior design features that enhance the aesthetics of the building.

Lime, concrete, and stucco are also materials used for finishes. Clay, plaster, and concrete are also used for walls.

When it comes to ceilings, plaster, fibre cement, and plywood are just some of the materials used for finishes.


What Purpose Does an Architectural Finish Serve?

The main purpose of an architectural finish is to improve the aesthetics of the building. It is also used to protect the structural components of the building.

Architectural finishes can also improve the structure’s function, value, and overall durability. This can be done by using building materials such as aluminium, stone and glass.


What Type of Structures Use Architectural Finishes the Most?

Architectural finishes are commonly used for houses, offices, warehouses and other commercial buildings. These structures, however, will be subjected to different types of finishes, depending on their function and purpose.


How Do You Choose the Right Architectural Finishes?

Choosing the suitable architectural finishes depends on several factors:

The Purpose of the Structure

Its purpose will determine the type of finish needed for it.

For instance, if used for commercial purposes such as an office building, it will need an excellent durability and longevity finish.

This purpose will also determine its maintenance requirements. This will be more beneficial in picking the right finish and the right maintenance plan in the long run.

The Material Used for the Structure

The material used for the construction of the building will also determine the right finish that you can use.

For structures built from new materials or new technologies, it is a great idea to use a material that will complement the look of the building while promoting its function and value.

The Architectural Style of the Structure

The structure’s architectural style will also determine the right finish to use. You must choose one based on its overall theme to enhance its aesthetics and value.



Having a sound knowledge of the architectural finishes and their components will help you make the best choice in using the right material for your building.

You also need to consider the structure’s purpose and its intended use. This can help you determine the right maintenance requirements of your building to ensure its durability and longevity.

Take note of our tidbits above and know the right architectural finish for your venture.

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