Glass walls, windows, doors, and skylights in modern office buildings allow the sun to illuminate a larger space with natural light. Having natural light in your office can help reduce electricity costs, as you do not need to use additional light fixtures to operate safely in the workplace. Moreover, this type of lighting makes the place appear more open and inviting.

Although having glass fixtures help make your office appear more vibrant, one primary concern among employees is that of privacy. One solution for this problem is the 3M Fasara decorative glass finish. With this, let’s discuss how it can help elevate your workplace and where you can use it.


Advantages of Using 3M Fasara Decorative Glass Finish

3M Fasara Glass has been designed to meet the modern needs of businesses. It can be used to house open office spaces and provide an aesthetic appeal. Furthermore, it helps make the place energy-efficient.

The office space is an integral part of a company’s image. With an open office, the employees can interact with each other better and collaborate more effectively. The high-quality 3M Fasara glass finish helps natural light flow seamlessly while still keeping the space relatively private and aesthetically pleasing. 3M Fasara glass has also been designed with a special coating that makes it easy to clean, more durable, and scratch-resistant.

3M Fasara is a premium quality product that can be used with various other 3M products for an enhanced aesthetic appeal. It adds an artistic, high-end look to glass and other transparent surfaces, does not wear out quickly, and does not fade with time. The 3M Fasara decorative glass finish is highly customisable in terms of texture, shape, and size.


Where to Use 3M Fasara Decorative Glass Finishes in Offices

The Walls of the Conference Room

The conference room walls in most offices are ideal places to install this glass finish, as these spaces may need a comfortable degree of privacy and toned-down decorative elements. 3M Fasara glass finish offers flexibility in textures, shapes, and sizes, which can be custom-made for any conference room. It allows every company to customise their conference room walls depending on their needs.


The Doors of the Storage Area

A storage room is usually quite a dull, utilitarian space. It is typically dark, which makes it rather lifeless and constricting.  A custom-made 3M Fasara glass finish coupled with a glass door can make this space more open and inviting, breaking up the monotony of the area.

3M Fasara glass finish can be used to add a certain amount of aesthetic appeal and functionality to the storage areas. It is also helpful in separating the storage area from the rest of the office.


Office Space Partition

Glass partitioning is an excellent option for offices with a lot of open space. The partition can be designed with a 3M Fasara finish to add aesthetic appeal and functionality. The glass partition in seating areas or cubicles helps improve the effectiveness of the office space by providing an open yet private divide. It prevents a lot of unnecessary distractions, which can lead to a more productive environment.



3M Fasara glass is a great option for commercial and residential spaces that need aesthetic appeal, functionality, and energy efficiency. It is a great product to brighten up any office space, which can be customised in various ways to add an artistic touch to it and make it stand out among other office setups. If you are looking for a high-quality, easy to clean glass finish for your office, 3M Fasara decorative glass finish is an excellent choice. 

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