Working a desk job means having to spend an average of five hours of your day glued to the computer, typing the time away. Sitting for long periods can impact your health over time. To boost overall well-being, it is best to create workspaces that are conducive to everyone’s health. 

One of the aspects that make an excellent workspace is access to natural light and outdoor views. Having these at your place of business can motivate your employees to become more productive and alert, prevent them from being absent, reduce their stress, and cut down your costs. You and your workers can enjoy all these benefits by seeking commercial window tinting.


How Does a Window Film Help You and Your Colleagues?

1. It can block out UV rays

Office tinting involves installing a window film that can help block out harsh UV rays produced by the sun. Excessive exposure to UV light can maximise your risk for sunburn and tanning that can damage the DNA that could lead to skin cancer. Also, this can cause premature ageing, such as dark spots, fine lines, and wrinkles.

UV rays can reach you and your workers by bouncing off reflective surfaces and penetrating your office’s window glass. In other words, simply sitting next to a window glass on a sunny day can mean letting your skin get exposed and damaged by them.

The good news is that you can protect everyone from skin-damaging UV rays without having to sacrifice natural light in your office with window films. They typically last for at least a decade, and they come in varied tints for easier customisation according to your needs, preferences, and requirements. 

2. It can make your workspace more comfortable for everyone

Aside from the UV-blocking benefits that can filter up to 99.9 percent of UV radiation, some reasons why you should have your windows in your workplace tinted are reduced glare and make your office temperature cooler, helping you cut down your expenses on energy bills. You and your employees can also enjoy variety and stimulation during the day and see better for computer work and component assembly due to an abundance of natural light.

3. It lets you create a healthier working environment

Optimising natural light in your office can improve the health and wellness of your workers. Research by Cornell University Professor Dr. Alan Hedge showed that workers in daylight office environments reported that natural light in your workplace can reduce eyestrain, headaches, and drowsiness in the workers.

Having a healthy source of natural light and easy access to outdoor views can reduce stress, anxiety, and exhaustion among your workers. They can feel more alert, be motivated to become productive and produce better work attitude and output. Since they feel encouraged to go to work regularly, you can lower your absenteeism rate.



Window tints in the workplace play a major role in the overall health and performance of your employees more than you think, which is why installing them in your office is a great investment. When seeking window tinting services, reach out only to an established company.

Enjoy the benefits of having tinted windows in your workplace by depending on Cooltone. We offer commercial tinting in Hendra, Queensland as well as residential tinting, decorative films, safety and security films, and more. Contact us to book our services!

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