Fact vs Fiction – Debunking 3 Myths About Window Film Damages

As a property owner, you should aim to use energy efficiently. Opening your windows can help you cut down on your electricity bill while brightening up your rooms. However, although unobstructed windows give decent natural lighting, it can also lead to hotter indoor temperature, security vulnerabilities, and privacy concerns.

Window film treatment is an effective solution to the issues above. Unfortunately, its many detractors have different rumours and theories about its damaging effects on the integrity of your window units.


Debunking the myths about window film treatments

Window films help buildings to conserve energy while improving the window’s protective properties. Besides absorbing sunlight, window films can also provide increased protection against intense weather conditions that can scratch and damage your windows’ glass.

Although modifications to your windows or glass units have their risks, window film treatments aren’t always to blame for damages. Even so, many people have outrageous claims about the effects of film treatments that they discourage other homeowners from using it.

In this article, we will debunk three myths about the damages that film treatments can cause to your windows.


Myth #1: Film treatment causes window seal failures

A common myth that detractors of window treatments share is that tinting causes a window to have seal failures. Insulated windows use several panes sealed between layers of glass. Its multiple pane insulation keeps the outside heat from entering the property. Unfortunately, windows experience seal failure from wear and tear, whether they have a window film or not. The durability of your unit’s seal will depend on the type, material, and manufacturer of the product.

Myth #2: Film treatment causes thermal glass breakage

People attribute thermal stress with window film treatments because some products have insulating properties that absorb and reflect heat. Although it increases thermal energy, it’s not solely to blame for thermal glass breakage.

Improper installation of blockages, such as drapes and blinds, can leave a window unit vulnerable, even after applying the protective film. You should always consult with your building contractor to know how to pair your window’s tinting to protect it from environmental damage. You should learn how to properly apply window tinting to avoid putting stress on the glass.


Myth #3: Film treatment causes window discolouration

This myth has some truth to it, but only because sceptics of window film are unfamiliar with what it does. Films have different uses, which also apply unique shades to windows. Some of them are for decorative purposes to introduce different colours and palettes to complement your building’s design. On the other hand, other models have versatile benefits, such as UV-protection and increased insulation.

The rumour that film treatment causes window discolouration may be due to comparison with car tints. Poorly made car tints can indeed bubble and turn purple. However, high-quality window film uses metallised layers that do not discolour. These tinting treatments can last for over 25 years in the right conditions.



As a property owner, it’s your responsibility to include attachments that will benefit your building’s overall performance. When it comes to trying out new improvements to install, you should know the accurate information about these products before you buy them.

If you need to reinforce your windows, we install commercial and residential window tinting in Brisbane to increase your property’s protection and security. Our wide selection of treatments from cloaking film, glass tinting, and more can suit your different needs. Get in touch with us today to receive expert installation and high-quality products!

5 Remarkable Benefits of Tinting for Your Home Windows

Did you know that homeowners spend about $450 billion each year on home improvements? That’s actually a massive figure when you think about it! As there are various ways to remodel or renovate your home, why not spend a portion of your money installing tinted window films? Making your home’s window a priority is such a good investment that will pay itself off in the long run.

As you may or may not be aware, window tinting is an excellent approach to increase the overall functionality and aesthetic value of your home’s windows. Whether installing privacy, security solar, or decorative films, you can surely take advantage of its various benefits.

If you want to know more about window tinting before you purchase them, here are five remarkable benefits that come with it:

1. Safety and security

Statistics reveal that millions of home burglaries happen each year. For this reason, home security has become a top priority of many homeowners. However, did you know that something as simple as installing tinted window films can boost your home’s security? These tints prevent individuals outside from peeking into your home. Safety and security coatings also do not easily shatter when burglars try to break in. Even storms won’t easily impact windows with tinted films.

2. Privacy

Many homeowners consider installing window films for privacy purposes. Privacy films are ideal for the glass of your bedrooms and bathrooms. As mentioned, these coatings prevent people outside from taking a look at the inside of your home, yet they still allow you to have a view of the outdoor surroundings. Because of this, installing privacy films is a great way to gain privacy without compromising your view of the outdoors.

3. Temperature control and energy efficiency

Window tinting helps regulate the temperature at home by blocking the sun’s rays and reducing the heat that enters your space. As a result, you can ensure a comfortable environment inside your home. Likewise, your appliances won’t have to work harder to keep you cool and your home cosy, which ensures overall energy efficiency and less energy consumption. Most importantly, you’ll undoubtedly appreciate how window tints can help you save up on your monthly bills in the long run.

4. Glare reduction

It’s easy to fall prey on the sun’s glare, particularly when you watch TV or use your computer. The chances are that the rays can get into your humble abode and reflect on your screens and hurt your eyes. What’s good about tinted layers is how they can block the sun’s rays and significantly reduce the glare in your home. With these tints, you can leave your curtains open and watch a good flick without getting distracted.

5. Enhanced aesthetics

Apart from a boost in functionality, tinted coatings can also enhance the aesthetics of your windows. You can actually invest in decorative films to beautify them and give them an edge in increasing your home appeal. Whether you opt for frosted or etched glasses, you can take your home panes to the next level!



Your windows play a crucial part in the overall beauty and comfortability of your home. Installing tinted films is a great home improvement project to undertake. With these features in place, you can take advantage of the following benefits—safety and security, privacy, temperature control, glare reduction, and enhanced aesthetics.

At Cooltone, we provide commercial and residential window tinting in Brisbane, from safety and security films to printed graphics down to decorative films. If you are looking for quality tints that suit your specific needs, get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

The Beginning of the Window Film – How It Came to Be

Window films are continuously doing well in the market, and you see them in cars, residential properties, and commercial buildings. They have brought so many conveniences, benefits, and aesthetic value to these different settings.

In a recently published analysis report by Grand View Research, the value of the global film market was at $9.83 billion in 2019, and they expect it to grow at 4.8 per cent in eight years. These high-tech films, however, aren’t always this amazing. Their early versions also had their flaws and shortcomings.

If you’ve always been curious about how tints came to be, here’s a little rundown of their history.


The Birth of Window Films

In the early days, people have been painting their windows to keep the sunlight out of their homes, but the actual development of window films began upon the mass production of cars.

After the war, cars became available to the market, and it changed the way people live. Unfortunately, many car owners struggled with managing the effects of the glares and rays of the sun on their windows. This problem gave another business opportunity to car manufacturers.


The Three Generations of Window Tints and Their Early Problems

Car owners before preferred to have the spray-on tint for their window glasses. However, it only resulted in an uneven and intensely dark shade, which is also prone to smearing. It was challenging to make it consistent throughout the windows.

Then come 1966, the first real window tint was invented. There are at least three types of film developed since then.


First Generation: The “Dye-Based” Film

Dyed window film tint is, of course, the most affordable type of window tinting. It is also considered as the least functional among all kinds because of its fewer advantages.

Installing it sounds easy, but it requires intense concentration. You apply a dyed film to the car windows using a transparent adhesive, and then press it on. The dye works by absorbing solar heat.

Since it was the window tint that started everything, it has its imperfections too.

  • The tint did not have good control of the heat inside the car, making the temperature rise quickly.
  • The tint did not respond well to the sun’s heat. Bubbles started to appear, and it became easy to peel off.
  • The tint looks flat and opaque from the outside and would turn purple sometimes.


Second Generation: The Metallic Window Films

This second-generation window film was invented in the 90s. It was a film made from a mixture of dye and metallic. The small metallic particles helped reflect the heat away. They also strengthened the window, making them resistant against shattering. This film can also resist up to 50 per cent of the heat from the outside.

The downside, however, was how the metallic content of this film could affect the radio reception, cellphone, and GPS transmission inside the car.


Third Generation: Ceramic Window Tints

This type of tint is the latest invention, and it is the film you see people use now. They are the highest quality of tint present in the market today and also the most expensive. They can last for a long time and have many excellent characteristics, such as the following:

  • Less tint allowing more light in, while rejecting more UVA and UVB coming from the inside and outside
  • Allows maximum efficiency of functioning cell phones, radios, and GPS systems
  • Highly resistant to glaring and fading
  • Shatter-proof



Window tints are continually improving and growing in popularity due to its number of scientifically proven benefits. With its growing styles and usage, it is expected to get more successful and in demand in the years to come. Nowadays, technology made it possible to create hybrid window films, and the excitement for more advanced window tints only continues.

If these facts got you curious and wanting to try residential window tinting for your home in Brisbane, you can always get in touch with us. We’ll help you find the right tint for your home. Contact us today to see how we can help!

5 Benefits of Decorative Window Films for Your Property

Window films are an interesting way to protect your property. Unbeknownst to many, there are decorative window films that can actually add more appeal to your home or place of business. Nevertheless, despite its name, decorative window films are not only for “decorative purposes” as it comes with so many features that you can highly benefit from.

In this article, we will share five invaluable benefits of decorative window films for your property:


1. They Add Colour to Your Interior and Exterior

If you’re looking for a way to add a pop of colour to your standard windows, then decorative window film will get the job done. There are more creative designs that you can choose from in the market that can mimic the look of frosted glass. They can instantly transform the look of your property without being too cluttered to look at.


2. They Increase Your Privacy

Homeowners and business owners often value privacy the most, especially if their property is situated in a busy urban area. Decorative window films are an excellent way to prevent passersby from seeing into your property. Conversely, they can also prevent you from getting distracted by everything going on outside. You can even get frosted versions of windows that can easily obscure sight without compromising natural illumination.


3. They Prevent Harmful UV Rays

As mentioned, decorative window films are not merely for show, but they can also protect your property from harmful UV rays. These windows are known to block up to 99.9% of UVA radiation that comes through your windows, which will protect you and other people inside the property. Moreover, it will also make you feel comfortable indoors.

Keep in mind that UV rays can fade and damage your furniture, floors, and walls over time. This is why it’s essential to have the necessary protection to keep your investments protected at all times.


4. They Lower Your Energy Bills

Did you know that decorative windows can also act as insulation? That means that they can keep your property warmer in the colder months and cooler in the hotter months. Overall, they will offer a more comfortable atmosphere, better indoor air quality, and reduced energy costs. Because of this, if you’re thinking of ways to cut expenses on your utility bills, decorative window films will be your best option.


5. They Allow You to Get Creative

If you want to inject a bit of creativity into your property, you can do so with decorative window films. In the end, no one likes bland windows. There are so many changes you can do to make your property look more interesting, and with these films, you get to unleash your creativity without going overboard. You can choose from various colours and patterns and improve the curb appeal of your property in no time.



At this point, you now know the many benefits of opting for decorative window films. Not only will they make your property look much better, but they can also protect you and your property. That way, it will improve the appeal of your office space, and at the same time, protect the valuable investments that you have in store. When it comes to decorative window films, there are plenty of choices you can choose from in the market.

Start shopping for a decorative window film from a reliable supplier. At Cooltone, we provide a wide spectrum of decorative films and commercial window tinting in Brisbane that allows our customers the freedom to express their individuality and creativity. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help!