How Can Window Film Help Your Business in 2020

Window tint has come a long way in recent years. Previously, the use of tint on windows was limited to blocking out light by spraying on the material onto glass panels. This usually resulted in dark and uneven covering. Nowadays, sophisticated window tint is easier to install and has a multitude of functions, especially for commercial purposes.


Tinting your windows can have both decorative and functional purposes. Window film can be used to create attractive signage on glass storefronts. They can also complement or enhance the architectural features of buildings with glass facades. Specific window treatments, however, have more advanced applications that can save businesses money and improve their operations.


Commercial tinting has many benefits. They require very little work and can address a variety of issues. If you are a business owner or you oversee the operations of a commercial establishment or workplace, here are some of the ways that you can benefit from using commercial window tint:


1. Reduce utility costs

If your workplace or establishment has large windows, these are great for allowing natural light and make for great storefronts. Sun exposure, however, can increase the amount of heat that enters your space. Treating your windows with film can help them absorb heat by more than 80 per cent. Less heat can mean your cooling system requires less energy to regulate the temperature of your space, resulting in lower utility costs.


2. Prolong equipment life

Regulating the amount of heat within your premises also extends the life of your air conditioning equipment. Commercial window tint reduces the unnecessary strain on your cooling and ventilation systems so you can maximise the useful life of your machinery.


3. Improve employee comfort and safety

Glare from sunlight can be uncomfortable and unpleasant when you are continuously exposed to it throughout the day. Many commercial tints offer light reduction without blocking out the view. There are also tint applications that provide protection against UV rays that can be harmful to you and your staff.


4. Provide privacy

Window tint can also be utilised to enclose conference rooms, partition offices, and hide unsightly back-of-the-house areas. You can control the opacity of the tint to your desired levels. High-tech cloaking film can even prevent prying eyes from seeing confidential or sensitive information. Tint can easily be removed and replaced as well so you can adjust your layout depending on the design of your workplace.


5. Prevent vandalism

Glass storefronts and building facades are unfortunately prone to graffiti marks and vandalism. Replacing damaged glass can be difficult and expensive. Treating your windows with an anti-graffiti film provides a layer of protection that keeps the ink or paint from staining the glass. When necessary, vandalised tint can be easily removed, saving business owners time and costly repairs.


Window tint is a simple and easy solution to many business problems. Consult a trusted supplier about the various applications that can be best for your company. With just a few layers of film, you can save hundreds of dollars in utility bills and prevent many issues that require repair work.


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4 Tips on How to Maintain Tinted Windows at Home – Our Guide

Window tinting is a worthwhile investment for any home or office. They not only help cool your space in summer weather, but they also give you more privacy without the need for curtains or blinds. However, despite the benefits they offer, tinted windows do need some special attention to keep them from scratching and forming water spots. Tinted windows exposed to the elements are particularly in need of more maintenance, because of the chemicals that stick on their surfaces.

In this article, we will share four tips to help you keep your tinted windows as brand new all year long:


1. Stay away from ammonia

Most window tints are made with layers of polyester, or polyethylene terephthalate (PET), that are held down by adhesive. Ammonia, on the other hand, breaks down this adhesive and causes the film to fade, crack and then peel off your window. Because ammonia is found in many commercial glass cleaners, it is best to always look at the ingredients before buying one.

Alternatively, you can also use a homemade cleaning solution with distilled water, mild dishwasher liquid, and white vinegar. This combination will clean off any water spots on your tint by chemicals that were left when the rainwater dried off. To loosen dirt and grime that may be sticking on your window, spray the surface with your cleaning solution and leave it for two to three minutes before wiping it off.


2. Always use distilled water

Avoid using tap water as this may contain tiny particulate matter that may leave stains on your windows when they dry. Instead, use distilled water because it is made through distillation, where pure H2O is boiled until it turns into steam and is captured to cool and turn into water again. This process ensures that no particulate matter is left when the water dries.


3. Refrain from using abrasive materials

While most tint films have anti-scratching properties, it’s still best to avoid using cleaning materials that can potentially cause scratches. These materials include paper towels and even newspapers. Not only can these materials cause scratches, but they will also do a poor job of cleaning your windows.

Instead, use a rubber squeegee to remove excess water and a lint-free and clean microfiber cloth to wipe the surface clean. Additionally, ensure that you are not leaving any moisture to avoid water spots, particularly on the corners of the frames and the sills.


4. Remove air bubbles with soft plastic wrapped in a soft cloth

Sometimes, air bubbles can form on the surface of the tint, meaning that the adhesive has not been dried enough. You can remedy this by using soft plastic, such as your credit card wrapped in a cloth to push the air bubble to the edge of the window where it can escape.



Tinted windows are generally more delicate because the thin film is prone to discolouration and can easily be ruined by ingredients of common household cleaners. However, the additional task of maintaining the tint by swapping a few ingredients here and there is a small price to pay for the function and elegance that it adds to your abode. On top of that, tinted windows are easier to maintain when compared to curtains or blinds.

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What Is the Right Tint Percentage for Your Windows?

By now, you may have known the importance of tinted windows. Whether it’s for your home, office, or commercial space, a window tinting brings many benefits. Now, you must be wondering what kind of window tinting you need.

There are many kinds of window tint to choose from. Each is different in design and tint shading. The right window tint percentage for you depends on your purpose. Here is a little guide to help you out.


Purpose 1: Increase in Privacy

Window tints with tint percentage below 20 have darker covering, which allows less light to enter your room. It’s the perfect shade to boost your room’s privacy. You can use it in rooms that require more seclusion, peace, and quiet like bedrooms, bathrooms, entryways in office, and office partitions.

Darker window tints are also ideal for large windows. You can use darker tints at the bottom part of your window to increase the privacy level and then add lighter ones on top for more light. There are also window tints that prevent people from seeing the inside of your house even when your house or office lights are on.

Identify the type of coverage you need and ask for assistance from your window tinting supplier.


Purpose 2: Ideal Temperature 

When it comes to room temperature, you either want to make your room feel cooler or warmer. There are specific window tints that cater to that need.

If your room is warm, and you want to decrease the temperature, there is a window film for heat control that you can use. It acts as sun control and refracts the heat, deflecting almost 80 per cent of the heat that is supposed to enter the room. Using the heat control window film does not reduce or affect the lighting inside your room or its visibility from the inside and outside.

On the other hand, window films can also help keep your room warm. There are special window tints that block the cold temperature coming from the outside. They also help distribute the warm room temperature inside.


Purpose 3: Better Visibility

You can use window tint to make the inside of your property more visible. That is useful for stores that have indoor displays that you want to highlight.

Sometimes, the sun’s reflection on glass windows will prevent people from seeing the store display. At night, the same scenario can also be experienced when you cannot see the outside clearly because of your indoor lights.

These problems can be addressed by a special tint that can reduce the glare reflected on the window. The same film does not compromise the level of light that comes into your store.


Purpose 4: Lessen Glare

Glares in televisions, computers, and phones are small things that can eventually become annoying. Window films can help reduce glares caused by natural light without limiting the light inside your home or office. With films on your window, you can have a more peaceful and enjoyable work or TV watching experience.



Your window tint percentage will depend on the level of privacy you want, the amount of light you want to let in, the room temperature you desire, and how much protection you need from glare. Contact your trusted window tinting supplier to help you determine the right tint for your need.

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Privacy Window Tints in Your Home – Our Guide

Your home is your safe haven where time spent within its confines is usually spent unwinding or resting. For some areas, it may feel like safety is compromised when it comes to the surrounding neighbourhood, which is why you may want to opt for privacy window tint. Just like you see in some high-rise building projects and office spaces, these window tints can offer complete recluse from the outside world, and provide not just safety, but also a feeling of focus and security knowing your inner dealings are invisible to the outside world.


Using decorative window film, your home can feel more restful and private, while adding aesthetic aspects to it. Not only are these industrial films for commercial use, but utilizing them for homes has been a recent trend. Here’s where you should be using privacy window film, should you decide to invest in them:



Large Main Windows

The modern home contains large windows that allow more light into rooms and other interior areas. The issue with a large window is that more from inside your home can be seen by those passing by or even those nosey neighbours. When layered with a nice tint or privacy film, you can worry less about the exposure of your home and go about the rest of your day unbothered by the world outside.


Varieties of Doors

Although these glass tint products are mainly for windows, these can be used for doors that have enlarged glass surfaces, such as french doors, glass partitions, and sliding doors. This can add privacy for the house and even separating rooms within it. A popular option for interior doors is frosted glass film, which can come in a variety of patterns and colours to suit the needs of any client. Although many homeowners fear that tints and glass films will darken their homes, this is usually not the case depending on the opacity of the product used.



You have probably seen these in hotels or resorts. Adding a decorative window film to a part of or the entire shower can create a nice effect while adding privacy elements. This may be important for shared bathrooms just in case a door is left unlocked. If you invested in a glass shower enclosure over a curtain system, privacy films are a very good option, as they allow light in the shower better. Additionally, glass does not grow mould or mildew as fabric curtains or blinds would.

If your bathroom was designed to have a large window to let more natural light into the area, it would be best to invest in a mirror or frosted glass films rather than use blinds to cover the glass. This will allow more light in while keeping the space extremely intimate and private.



Although window tint products are known to be utilized mainly for commercial buildings and businesses, nobody ever wrote a rule that they cannot be utilized for your home. When it comes to protecting a space that you care for and that shelters you from the terrors of the outside world, you would want to do whatever it takes. Protective films are an invaluable home improvement item that can add extra elements of safety and privacy to your humble abode.

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3 Effective Ways to Improve Your Home’s Property Value – Our Guide

If you’re a homeowner looking to put your property up for sale in the market, you’ll need to do your best to make sure that you attract the right buyers for the right price. Some people make the mistake of renovating too much on their home’s property because they believe that spending more will lead to higher chances of getting sold.

However, a savvy property owner knows that you only need to invest in certain parts of your home to make it a more appealing purchase in the market.


Giving attention to the essentials of your home

The trick to renovation isn’t about overhauling your entire property. More often than not, your buyer will be the one who will spend through this on their own. What you should invest in instead is highlighting specific key areas for improvement. In this article, we’ll share with you three practical ways to improve your home’s property value.


1. Focus on energy efficiency

One major selling point of modern homes is energy efficiency. It can be improved through the addition of retrofitted solar panels to cut down on monthly energy expenses.

Besides implementing green energy practices in your home, you can also improve your home’s insulation capacity so that your potential buyers will have to focus less on heating and cooling systems during harsh weather conditions.


2. Upgrade your appliances

Although it’s essential to make your property look new by putting a fresh coat of paint, the more significant areas that buyers look for in a home are the bathroom and kitchen appliances. A kitchen fully stocked with the latest hardware will make it an attractive purchase for potential buyers. Before you go all out in buying the right appliances, make sure that what you’ll purchase will match the aesthetics of your home.

Likewise, putting variability in your bathing options by having both a tub and a shower allows you to tap into people who prefer one or the other. By updating these areas of your home, you’ll be able to increase the value of your home way better than overhauling your flooring or your painting options.


3. Pay attention to your home’s accents

Most people fail to upgrade their windows by considering them as minor features to their property. If your home is more exposed to sunlight, you should always take advantage of it whenever you can. However, too much sunlight can be harmful to your home. Instead of relying on blinds and curtains, you can install window film as an added feature to your home.

Window film comes in different types and models, which work either to improve your home’s aesthetic value or to increase its security and safety features. UV resistant window films can mitigate the negative impact of too much sunlight while maximising the energy efficiency in your home. It’s an investment that can last for over ten years.



The key to making your home an attractive purchase in the market is by upgrading it with modern safety and energy features. Catering your home’s features to what potential home buyers would want is an excellent way to secure a deal.

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