3 Awesome Benefits You Can Enjoy from Home Window Tints

If you are trying to limit the amount of light entering your home or stop your house from heating up so much due to the sun’s rays, you probably use shades and curtains to achieve such results. However, have you ever considered window tints? If not, then it’s time to do so. Window tints will eliminate the need to install fixtures, such as blinds and heavy curtains. They are incredibly efficient, helping save in energy costs.


Here are the benefits you can enjoy when you tint your home’s windows:


1. It reduces the amount of glare

If you are annoyed about having to deal with glares every time you want to watch TV or use the computer because of a nearby window, window tints are an excellent solution.

With the tints, not only are you able to look at something without dealing with glaring, but you can also leave the windows open to allow enough light to illuminate the home. Of course, you are always given the option to use blinds and curtains to cut off the light completely, but if you still want natural light, tints can help you enjoy that without a headache.


2. It helps save plenty of energy

The most significant benefit you can have from installing window tints is that they help you save plenty of money on your energy bills.

How is this possible? Windows by themselves allow sunlight to enter your home, heating the room quite a bit. That can be troublesome for your air-conditioning units as they struggle to keep temps low and comfortable. With the tints installed, however, you can block the sunlight, meaning that your home stays cooler. That will put less stress on your air-conditioning units. During cold seasons, window tints can also help retain heat, meaning that your heaters end up doing less work either.


3. It acts as another layer of security

Note that there are many different types of window tints, and some of them are aimed at adding more security to your home. These kinds of window tints are a lot thicker than others, meaning that they add more strength to the windows.

While these tints will not make your windows impenetrable, it will undoubtedly deter burglars first, thanks to its dark shade. In most cases, if a thief cannot see what is inside, they will not try to break in. However, if they do, the tints will hold the glass in place as much as possible, making sure the shards do not go everywhere and present a risk of hurting someone.



The above are just some of the many benefits you can enjoy from applying window tints on your house. Additionally, tints can also boost your home’s value, as it can help improve your property’s curb appeal. It can also protect your furniture from fading and your skin from too much UV ray exposure. With all these benefits, homeowners must consider window tints for their home. Many have already done so, and they didn’t mind paying extra for great results.

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3 Reasons You Should Invest in Window Tinting for Your Home

Similar to any other modern wonder and technological innovation available, window tint never fails to surprise consumers today as it continues to be developed and improved each year.


What makes modern window tinting so special?

As opposed to traditional window curtains and other measures, today’s window tinting options are capable of providing even more benefits that don’t necessarily come at higher costs.

Coming a long way from their pure-black roots, the window tint options of today come in various colours, finishes, and options that can be used to outfit any home or building to beat the sun and stay comfortable. Although it may not seem like much or as complex as other modern marvels of technology, these testaments to technological evolution continue to make a significant impact on the overall quality of life.

Today, many window film options bear a near-invisible finish that works wonders when combined with other benefits in the equation. For homeowners looking to improve the curb appeal of their property, this upgrade is especially desirable because of all the benefits it effortlessly provides.

In this article, we will share with you three reasons you should invest in window tinting for your home:


1. It saves your furniture and walls 

One of the first benefits of modern window film is that it can make a significant difference in prolonging the lifespan of your walls and pieces of furniture.

Know that UV light can have a tremendous negative effect on your pieces of furniture and fixtures as it easily discolours paint and natural finishes while compromising their quality and overall lifespan. By regulating the amount of sunlight that enters your space with a dependable layer of tint, however, you can prevent any premature damage to your items and wall treatments!


2. It boosts productivity

Window tint continues to play an even bigger role in productivity because of how well it cuts out glare from entering the home.

When it isn’t controlled, the negative effect of the sunlight can make it quite difficult to concentrate on any task and deal with any device, leading to lower results and efficiency in the long run. Regardless of whether you’re cooking, reading, or cleaning, however, you can make a difference in your productivity by installing a dependable layer of tint on the windows at home!


3. It saves you a fortune on your energy bills

A significant benefit of window tinting that’s well-worth noting is that it can easily save you a fortune on your monthly energy bills in the long run.

The main reason tinting works wonders for your home’s energy consumption lies in the fact that it also works as a great insulator for any space. This essentially means that your HVAC and air conditioning systems won’t have to work as hard. With the help of energy-saving tinting options – such as the products from Cooltone – you’ll be able to cut out as much as 30 to 40 per cent from your monthly statements without paying a hefty price tag!


Through the help of a proper window tinting job, you can provide your home with many benefits that it needs to feel as comfortable as it should be. With the help of today’s options, you won’t need to shell out a fortune to get the best out of your home!

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Window Tinting – Understanding the 3 Types of Decorative Film

Every home renovation project can be gauged through small repairs to significant adjustments. Though major plumbing adjustments or furniture replacements make the bulk of your expenses, it’s in the finishing touches that make and complete a home’s look.

Decorative window film is a practical aesthetic complement to any home, which not only adds another level of functionality for increasing natural light in a room but also some much-needed flair and elegance to any dull and drab window.


The versatility of decorative window films 

The decorative films have many uses beyond being an exterior addition. The problem now comes in choosing which type would best fit your home design’s direction. In this article, we will give you a background on the three types of decorative film to choose from on your next renovation project.


1. Frosted glass film

 An optimal choice for exterior windows, doors, and walls, frosted glass film is thick enough to give you some privacy while letting natural light enter your room. The frosted film can come in various styles, which allows you the freedom to decorate differently based on texture and colour.

You can choose to have simple patterns and gradient design to complement your home’s aesthetic, or to personalise it with custom designs of your own making. It’s a popular choice not just for your exterior walls but also for your interior walls and windows. An excellent way that glass films can add to a room is by allowing mirrors and glass wall dividers to maximise the light in the room through a creative filter.


2. Gradient and Textured film

If you want to settle on following a specific pattern for your home, then using textured film might be what you’re looking for. Whether it be an argyle pattern or an added colour gradient to make your home’s palette sharper, the textured film adds an organic layer to a thematically consistent room.

Textured and gradient windows are easier to install to the home that follows a more minimalist style. Gradient windows have a vast array of geometric and organic patterns to match a linear aesthetic of modern homes or to add another tone of your home’s palette by applying varying gradient opacity to the film. As with all types of specialty glass and gradient films, they give an added level of privacy to open windows, which make for a creative alternative to blinds, shades, and drapes.


3. Architectural film

If you’re looking for both practicality and design compatibility, architectural films are your best option. As decorative glass films are used for both functionality and décor, it gives an added layer of UV protection to your home, similar to sun control films.

Though these types of film are primarily used for commercial spaces and business districts, it can also give your home a corporate and professional look. Architectural films can make stunning interior settings by incorporating various mood perspectives through a wide range of colour tones all while providing some much-needed protection from the sun.



The key to renovating one’s home is understanding its personality. Whether you choose to commit to a simple yet effective colour palette or to use contrasting tones with abstract shapes and patterns, figuring out what mood you want to express can give you the basic building blocks of what you want your home to look like.

Deciding the type of material you’ll need for your home is a matter of knowing what mood you want to settle on and buying from the right supplier to accomplish your project.

If you’re looking for residential window tinting services in Brisbane for your home renovation project, contact us today to give your home’s doors and windows a new look.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Tinting Large Windows

A large glass window can offer a lot of value and aesthetic appeal to your home or office. They are a wonderful way to bring natural light indoors and often provide an element of design in any space, especially if it frames a great view like a garden or the stunning city line. If your home or office has large windows, though, it’s even more important to have them tinted for privacy and health reasons.


Here’s a brief overview of the great benefits of window tints:

  • Reduced energy costs
  • Protection from UV rays
  • Improved heating and cooling
  • Increased privacy


If you’re looking to avail of these benefits, you’ll need to install a high-quality window film. Installing window film on your own isn’t recommended, but you should still familiarize yourself with the steps if you have experts come to apply it for you. Here’s a step-by-step guide on what to expect in the process:


Step-by-Step Guide to Applying Window Film


1. Pre-cut the window film

Installing a window film is similar to installing wallpaper. The tint can be installed from side to side or top to bottom, although this may be hard for arched or round windows. Any uniquely shaped windows will have to be measured beforehand so it can be pre-cut and installed seamlessly. Allow a one-inch allowance on all sides to avoid errors.


2. Use film application solution to clean the glass window

Film application solutions can be purchased at hardware stores or from window tint suppliers. In a pinch, bottled water and tear-free baby shampoo can be used (though it isn’t always recommended). The solution will be sprayed directly on the glass and the dirt cleaned out with a squeegee. This process will be repeated until the glass is thoroughly cleaned.


3. Wet the window glass

The third step will involve spraying the solution to the glass once again. This time, it will function as the lubricant for the film. Your installer will ensure that all surfaces are wet with the solution before installing the film.


4. Install the window film

At this point, the adhesive liner from the back of the film will have to be removed. Experts are able to do this on their own, but amateurs should ask for help during this step to avoid creases. A small amount of solution may have to be sprayed on the exposed adhesive part of the film to break any static cling and make peeling off much easier. To prevent leaving fingerprints in the film, some people spray their hands with the solution as well.

Once peeled, more solution will go on the adhesive part of the film and the glass window until it is completely wet. Then, the film can be carefully lined up to the edge and positioned on the glass.


5. Spray the outside surface of the film

Once the film is secured in its position, the film will be wet again with the solution and a squeegee tool is used to press it firmly to the glass. There may be some bubbles, which will be pushed out by squeegeeing the film from top to bottom. Experienced installers use a slow and firm motion as to not displace or damage the film.


6. Trim the edges 

The final step involves trimming any excess film. Installers carry around an Exacto knife or a sharp utility knife for this purpose. A one-and-a-half millimeter gap is often left on all sides so all the air and water can be pushed out of the film. The film will then be squeegeed dry from the center to the edges.



From reducing energy costs to giving you additional security and privacy, a tinted glass window can be a wonderful upgrade to your home or office. If you’re wondering how much glass tinting in Brisbane costs, reach out to us now, and we’ll give you a free quote!