7 Amazing Benefits of Office Window Tinting

Car tinting has always been a norm due to its ability to protect drivers from glare and allow them some privacy while on the road. Today, tinting windows seems to be branching out to windows outside of the ones on vehicles. More recently, office window tinting is gaining popularity, due to its myriad benefits. How will office window tinting benefit you and your employees, you ask? Here’s why:



1. Improves Appearance

How your office looks from the outside matters. If your office seems decrepit, it wouldn’t look appealing to passerby or potential customers. While adding plants or keeping the exterior neat should do the job, window tints can boost the overall look of your space. If you’re stationed in an old building, window tints are one way to give the exterior a facelift without spending an arm and a leg on renovation costs.


2. Increases Security

Similar to car tints, office window tints can help increase your security. Having a clear window makes your property susceptible to thieves because they can clearly see what’s inside. A window tint can deter thieves from breaking in, which is added security for your office. The good news? You don’t have to pay a fortune for this extra security feature.


3. Boosts Privacy

Unless you have a showroom, there should still be a sense of privacy in your office, for the sake of your employees. You can achieve this with an office window tint without fear of it looking tacky from the outside. There are privacy tints that are specifically designed for office windows that you can purchase. With window tints, you can turn any room in your building into a private office.


4. Helps Reduce Energy Bills

In an office, you likely deal with pretty high energy bills every month. Thinking of ways to reduce your bills is a smart move. One way to do this is by getting office tinting. With an office window tint, it will keep the harmful rays of the sun out, which will help keep your office cooler.


5. Increases Comfort

During the cold season, the heat of the sun can keep your office warm, while the summer season makes you only want to stay cool indoors. Office tinting can keep your building cool during the summer season or even on hot days. This way, you and your staff get to stay comfortable no matter the season.


6. Reduces Glare

The glare of the sun can cause headaches for you and your employees, especially during the long summer months. With office tinting, you can effectively block the glare, which can help boost productivity in the office.


7. Protects Office Furniture

Your office furniture is an investment. You don’t want to spend more money to replace the ones in your office, right? Protect your office furniture with office tinting and shield your furniture from potential sun damage.




By tinting your office windows, you and your staff get to do more, get to feel more comfortable, and get to protect yourselves and your office furniture from the harsh rays of the sun. Furthermore, you can make your office exteriors look incredible at an affordable price point.

Office tinting, as mentioned, has become a popular trend in Brisbane. There are so many benefits window tints have to offer office owners, many of which we’ve listed above. Fortunately, thanks to its popularity, you won’t have a hard time finding an office window tint supplier. There are also various types of office tints that you can choose from, to suit your tastes.

If you’re looking for an office window tinting service in Brisbane, get in touch with us to see how we can help.

Safe Operating Practices for Window Tinters – COVID-19

Taking a Closer Look at the Sciece Behind Window Tinting – What to Know

In recent years, more and more people are seeing the value of installing window tints in vehicles, residential homes, and commercial buildings. It’s becoming a necessity more than a luxury due to its substantial benefits, from sun protection, privacy boost, and cosmetic appeal.

The dark film acts as a protective layer against ultraviolet rays, which facilitates a number of advantages such as extending the lifespan of furniture, shielding skin from the sun’s rays, and regulating temperature. These helpful properties are not without merit as there is real science brewing behind the works.


Understanding the Science Behind Window Tinting

Window film uses nanotechnology to develop nanoparticles that build the protective features of the film, which is responsible for keeping the UV rays and infrared heat from penetrating your interiors.

The best way to understand how it works is to get to know the three kinds of solar spectrum rays: ultraviolet (UV) rays, infrared light, and visible light. As you all know, UV rays can be harmful to people and surfaces as too much exposure can heighten your risk of skin cancer and deteriorate the quality of your furniture at the same time.


The Reason Behind the Different Metal and Dye Formulations in Window Tints

Window films are designed to block nearly 100% of UV rays as it is the most damaging out of all the solar spectrum rays. 90% of infrared light is blocked as it is what reels in heat, so incorporating tints in your window treatment absorbs the excess heat and allows you to regulate the temperature.

Meanwhile, people are given the choice between 20% to 70% blockage of visible light. Your choice largely depends on how much light you want to enter the space, making it excellent for illuminating rooms without inviting in destructive UV rays and heat. Combining all three properties can produce the following perks:


Benefit #1: UV Protection

As mentioned above, window tints are made up of nanoparticles that block 99% of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. This reduces glare and shields your skin, eyes, and even furniture from being damaged by the harmful rays.

Speaking of which, you can also extend the shelf life of your furnishings, upholstery, paintings, and upholstery as window films keep the surfaces from discolouring due to UV exposure.


Benefit #2: Energy Savings

In addition to boosting the visual appeal of your house, office, or car, installing tints on your window treatments can also reduce energy costs in the long run. This is because windows can trap heat, which pushes your HVAC system to work harder in cooling your interiors.

By having window tints, the nanoparticles from the film can bounce off the heat, allowing you to maintain a cool room without overworking your cooling system.



 Window tints were once a luxury that was popular for boosting the privacy and decorative appeal of your house, office, or vehicle. In recent years, science proves that window films contain a reliable formula that also provides protection against the different solar spectrum rays, allowing you to enjoy a multipurpose accent to your windows.

If you’re looking for a professional window tinting service, we are your best option. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

Everything you need to know about Window Tinting

Business owners and homeowners are continually looking for ways to save money on electricity. One of the most overlooked ways to do this is by using window tints. Window films can save you more money and, at the same time, give your property the ultimate protection.

Here are some facts to know about window films:


1. Saves You Money


The U.S. Department of Energy reveals that almost one-third of energy goes out the window. That is approximately 30 per cent of the energy used to heat and cool the property that is not retained because windows that don’t have film and don’t insulate well. That said, treating your windows with film can have a significant impact on your energy bills.

2. Improves Comfort


The heat from the glare of the sun can be uncomfortable, not only for the people but for your pets and even plants as well. Applying window film to the windows to maximise heat retention during the cold months will be helpful, while it will minimise heat gain during the hot season.

3. Increases Privacy


Window films can also help prevent people from looking into your property. That additional layer of privacy to your entire property can do wonders. It will give you peace of mind, and it can deter burglars from trying to get in your house.

4. Helps Protect Furniture


The sun’s harmful rays can cause damage to your furniture. The radiation from the ultraviolet rays is extremely destructive that it could age your furniture, which will result in fading. With window tints, you get to block the harmful rays of the sun and protect your furniture as well.

5. Helps Protect Skin Against Cancer


Just like how damaging UV rays are to your furniture, they are also damaging to your health. It’s been known that UV rays can cause skin cancer. However, when you have your windows tinted, you can guarantee that you and the people in your property will be protected from the harmful rays of the sun, which will help protect you from skin cancer.

6. Helps Keep You Cool


The summer heat can be uncomfortable, but with a tinted window, you get to stay cool despite the hot weather. This way, you’ll be more comfortable in your property, whether it’s residential or commercial.



Window tinting has become popular in Brisbane. In fact, there are plenty of providers out there that can offer you a window tinting service. Make sure to find a reliable company that can deliver quality window tint.

You can also choose from a selection of window tints. Select the ones that will match your decor. If you’re not sure which to choose, the window tint provider can help you in making a decision.

Now that you know these facts about window tinting, it’s time that you get your windows protected. There are so many benefits that you can enjoy, which makes them a significant investment. There are a lot of window tinting companies in Brisbane, so you won’t have a hard time finding one.

If you’re looking for quality window tinting services, get in touch with us today! We’re happy to help.

5 Types of Solar Control Window Films for Your Home – What to Know

Sunlight plays a major part in creating a comfortable living space. With the right amount, it can provide enough warmth and lighting that rooms require for a comfortable and pleasing environment. In particular, glass windows and sliding doors are perfect in giving that option of having sufficient sunlight while still offering a sense of space in a room.

At certain hours of the day, however, the sun’s rays can be too hot until it reaches uncomfortable levels during middays and long summer season. Thanks to technological innovations, solar control window films installed on your glass windows can help reduce the sun’s heat and glare.

Solar window films today are highly differentiated and provide great benefits beyond reducing heat and protecting you from the sun’s harmful infrared or UV rays. Before you go out to search for a solar window film for you home, here are five types that you should know:


  1. Metalized Films

Metalized films, also known as deposited films, are manufactured by heating metals, such as nickel and aluminum under high pressure. They are then deposited or dispersed over the film to create a thick layer. Metalized films help absorb radiation and the heat, therefore preventing these harmful elements from reaching the interiors.


  1. Ceramic Window Films

This type of window film, free of metals, is an ideal option if you don’t want reflections on your windows but still want to maintain a certain level of solar control. Ceramic films are also a great choice if you live in places that have a coastal climate because they can withstand long years of humid and salty air without deteriorating or corroding.


  1. Tinted Sun Control Films

Automobiles typically have tinted windows, however, not all countries allow such usage. When used on residential or commercial glass windows, tinted sun control films can work as excellent insulators to reduce as much as 60 per cent of the heat while still allowing in as much as 30 to 70 per cent of light. Energy consumption is also decreased by 10 to 15 per cent from using tinted window films. Furthermore, depending on weather conditions, air conditioners may not be needed anymore if you have tinted sun control films installed on your windows.


  1. Harmony Window Films

Harmony window films are one of the newest innovations in the window film industry. It is specifically designed to improve home life while offering sophisticated features and low reflectivity. Harmony window films are manufactured from a premium combination of nano-ceramic technology and proprietary metals. They help soothe the eyes with their glare reduction properties, ease the effects of the sun’s harmful UV rays, and make hot spots virtually disappear.

Additionally, every shade is soft and subtle and offers superior optical clarity. Harmony window films are recommended for historic homes, for homeowners who do not want any changes in their exterior styles, and for those who have to meet neighborhood association guidelines.


  1. Clear Sun Control Films

For those who are not too keen on having tinted windows, clear sun control films are great alternatives. They offer the same benefits as tinted films but with a much clearer and scenic view of the outside. If you live in scenic areas and do not want the view to be obscured or modified, then these films are a perfect choice.


Wrapping Up

Installing window films is a valuable investment that will benefit your home. Because there are many options available in the market, make sure that you know which one will best fit your home’s needs. For all your window tinting needs in Brisbane, get in touch with us today!