The Benefits of Solar Window Tinting

Window tinting, particularly solar tinting, has been popular among homeowners for quite some time now. Solar window films are made of a thin laminate film that filters sunlight and harmful ultraviolet rays (UV rays). For this reason, it helps control the temperature in your house, which helps increase energy efficiency in the process. Even then, some people still doubt the efficiency of solar tinting, questioning whether it will really help them save on energy costs. This article will answer your questions and convince you of why you should get on board. Keep reading to find out the benefits of solar window tinting!

Controls Heat Loss

You may be wondering: does a thin layer of lamination really make that much of a difference for my home’s energy efficiency? Well, the simple answer is that it does make a huge impact. Solar tinting can be incredibly efficient in its ability to both heat and cool your home according to the outside weather. As a matter of fact, it can actually block up to 80% of solar energy. The short explanation here is that the inside of your house will be cooler during the summer days, and warmer during the colder months. To sum up, solar tinting basically has the ability to keep heat either inside or out, which can help you save a lot of costs and keep you from overworking your HVAC system. Not only can it save you money, but it can also save the environment as well.

Saves Maintenance Costs

One reason that people shy away from getting solar window tinting is that they think the installation plus the maintenance costs may be too much. However, apart from the installation fees, you don’t have to worry about other maintenance, inspections, or repairs at all. That is because unlike any other heating and cooling equipment, the longevity of solar tint is excellent. Solar tint will not wear out as easily, and you will not even have to think about reapplications in years. In fact, if you invest in high-quality products and expert installers, chances are you will only have to invest in solar window tinting once, and that’s it! Plus, your heating and cooling equipment will not be used as frequently, seeing as the temperature is well-controlled. This means that you will also save money on the maintenance costs of your current air conditioning equipment as well.

Enables Long-Term Savings

The combination of increased energy efficiency and the lack of required maintenance for both your window tinting and your AC system means that you can save a lot of money over the years. In fact, homeowners are even eligible for tax credits for installing solar film. You may not see it now, but just by installing solar film, you can accumulate the savings from your utility bills. After some time has passed, you will see how much money you have saved, and you will be glad that you got those solar window tints installed in the first place!

Bottom Line

As you can see, there are a lot of advantages that come with getting solar tinting. The bottom line is that you have to look at the big picture and see the long-term benefits solar tinting can offer.

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Why You Should Get Window Film To Help With UV Rays

While sun tanning does sound appealing to most people, especially in the summer, the radiation that comes with it is not something that should be ignored. We all know that being exposed to strong sunlight isn’t good for you, but most people don’t understand the extent of the damage it can cause.

There are a lot of preventive options out there like sunscreens and sunblocks that are high in SPF. Still, people often forget to lather on a layer before they leave their homes or just don’t really see the point. The point is, you can be exposed to UV rays anywhere, even when you think you’re in the safety of your car. This leads us to the next point of discussion: window tinting.

Most people think that the main purpose of window tint is to darken your window as a form of protection from UV rays. What they don’t know is, there are clear windows on the market that have the ability to protect against UV rays as well. The article will tell you all about the adverse effects of UV rays, the damage they cause, and how clear window films protect against UV rays.

Getting to Know Ultraviolet Rays (UV Rays)

Ultraviolet rays, or UV rays, are one form of radiation from the sun. There are three kinds of UV rays: UVA, UVB, and UVC. Keep in mind that none of these are visible to the naked eye. We are affected the most by UVA, which accounts for around 95% of the UV radiation reaching the earth’s surface. While UVB only accounts for 5%, no UVC rays reach the earth at all as it is completely filtered out by the atmosphere.

Why do I need protection against UV rays?

Protection against UV rays is necessary because these rays can cause a lot of skin problems, including skin cancer or melanoma. We can see the most obvious damage from UV rays in the form of sunburn. Apart from skin conditions, UV rays can cause serious damage to your eyes as well. So next time you want to go tanning in the sun, be sure to wear your sunglasses and apply a good layer of sunblock before leaving your house.

How do window films help?

Contrary to popular belief, there are many window films that are actually effective at filtering out UV radiation. These films are composed of microscopic particles such as nano-ceramic, which helps to reflect and filter out the UV wavelength.

How do I choose the best window film?

So which window films offer the best UV ray protection? Those high-quality materials that contain adequate UV ray blocking technology are your best options when it comes to UV protection. There are plenty of window films to choose from, ranging from vehicle window films to commercial building window tints. Therefore, it’s not easy to pinpoint exactly which one is the “best” film to choose, just because there are so many to choose from.

That being said, each brand and type of window film provides different levels of UV radiation blocking ability. If you really don’t have a clue what kind of film you want to go for, consult with a window film company to talk through your best options that fit with your needs. Cooltone provides high-quality, affordable window tint & window film across Australia. Get in touch today to see how we can help!

What Is Anti-Graffiti Film and Why Do You Need It

Graffiti pieces are a form of art, and it’s a way for people to express their feelings and thoughts creatively. However, if you’ve been spraying your pieces onto someone else’s windows, it’s vandalism, and it’s something that we shouldn’t tolerate.

That being said, unless you’re able to catch the perpetrator red-handed, it’s unlikely that you can stop them from painting on your windows. What you can do is to make it easy for you to clean your window’s, which is where anti-graffiti window film comes in.

What is Anti-Graffiti Window Film?

Graffiti is painted with spray paint. When the nozzle is pressed, the color components are mixed with gas and liquid and then sprayed from the hole in the nozzle. This process allows the fluid to stick onto the small crevices in the surface, making it incredibly hard to get off. Although glass surface may seem smooth, on the microscopic level, there are little nooks and crannies that allow the paint to hold onto it.

The surface of the anti-graffiti film is incredibly smooth, making it harder for the paint to hold on. This means that the film is very easy to clean. Most models come in stacks, and you can peel the top layer off if it’s too much to clean. You can place these films right on top of your tinted windows, so you can enjoy both the ease of cleaning and benefits of the window tint.

Huge Time Saver

Unlike other types of window films, anti-graffiti films are incredibly easy to install. After you stick it to your window, you can just forget about it. Having a messy-looking front window is not a nice look for your business, and it can deter customers from wanting to use your business.

Plus, cleaning the spray paint from your window can take a lot of time, and the last thing you want to be doing in the morning is cleaning the window before you can open your shop. If your window has anti-graffiti film installed, you can simply peel the top layer off, and you’re ready to go.

Other Benefits of Anti-Graffiti Film

If you think that anti-graffiti film is only good for protecting your windows against vandals, you’re mistaken. It’s also relatively effective at UV blockage. It has some sun-blocking properties with a minor SPF. Obviously, it doesn’t have as much as a dedicated window film, but it’s better than nothing. Also, it works surprisingly well as an insulator for your window.

Heat exchange occurs most in untinted windows, and that’s where you could be wasting a ton of money. Your AC has to work double time to keep the temperature in the room regulated, which will cause your energy cause to go up. No matter how you look at it, anti-graffiti films are a logical choice for anyone who’s looking to protect their property from those crafty vandals.

As you can see, anti-graffiti films have a ton of benefits, and what’s more is that they are a lot cheaper than you’d think. This makes them incredibly cost-effective. If you have the choice to protect your properties from thousands of dollars worth of damage by spending a fraction of that, why wouldn’t you do it?

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