3 Reasons to have your Home Windows Tinted

When returning home, you should be stepping into a place of comfort and relaxation – a place where you’re completely at ease. The outside world can’t get you here. Even while the rain pours, you’re protected in your home, warm and dry. Although the rain can’t touch you while you’re indoors, the sun can. And although the natural lighting can certainly be pleasant, it’s important for you to protect yourself from the dangerous effects of the sun.

Why not consider window tints? By applying some protective film to your windows, you won’t only be protected from the rain. Here are three reasons to tint the windows of your home:

It extends the lifespan of your furnishings

Did you know that the sun can damage your furniture, drapes, carpets, and more? Chances are you spent a lot on that luxurious rug and that comfortable sofa. Don’t let the sun damage your investment and force you to repair or replace it faster than you should.

When sunlight comes through your glass windows or doors, it fades cloth-covered furniture and other fabrics you may have inside your home. In fact, a couple of months could leave you with a fabric color that is completely different from what it was before! Not only does the sun affect the aesthetic quality of your belongings but it weakens it and reduces its lifespan. Professional window film will keep the damaging sunlight out so you can enjoy an extended lifespan for your furnishings.


It protects your flooring

Although you may think that your hardwood floors are safe from the sun, it isn’t. One of the most expensive parts of a home is the flooring. However, great hardwood floors also look incredible and add quite a bit of functional and aesthetic appeal to your space.

To keep your hardwood floors from fading, have film applied to your windows. This will ensure that your floors continue to look brand-new for years!


It keeps you safe from UV rays

The beautiful sunlight that shines through your windows and lights up your home also comes with some damaging effects. Aside from damaging your furnishings and your flooring, it also harms you. It isn’t enough to feel comfortable inside your air-conditioned home. You need to know that your skin and body is protected from those UV rays.

Don’t think that you’re safe from sunlight just because you’re indoors. When the sun enters your home, it can still burn and damage your skin if you aren’t protecting yourself. Sure, you could apply (and constantly re-apply) sunscreen every morning, but would that really be the best use of your time and money? You deserve to feel comfortable and safe within your home even without sunscreen.

This is why you should install window tint. Regardless of whether you choose a decorative texture or a standard transparent film, you’ll be protecting your health as well as your assets. Get in touch with us today for high-quality, affordable window tint installation.

5 Tips to Lower your Heating and Cooling Costs

As Christmas approaches the days and the days are warming up, you’ll find yourself turning the aircon on more frequently. You want be comfortable in you house, but you also have that dreaded energy bill in the back of your mind.. At Coooltone we wanted to share a few little tips on how to save some money over the peak summer period.

Lower the temperature on the water heater

Dropping the temperature on the water heater even slightly can reduce your energy bills quite a bit while still keeping you comfortable. For a ten-degree drop in temperature, you could potentially be saving up to five percent on your energy bill. Keep your temperature somewhere between 120 to 130 degrees in order to kill bacteria but still save money. If you plan to visit family over the holidays or otherwise be away from home for a few days, turn the heater off.

Use your Ceiling fans to help air circulation

Use you ceiling fans in conjunction with your AirCon – sounds counter intuitive right? Well there is a logic and a science behind it, the ceiling fans increase cool air circulation so you can run your air con at a lower temperature over an extended period of time this will actually save you money on your air con. It will also put a lot less stain on your air con lower the chances of it breaking down.

Insulate your water heater and pipes

This is probably a tip that will be more suited to winter however still will save you money then. The water heaters for most homes are located out of the way like in the garage or out the back or side of your house. If yours doesn’t have an insulator, you may need to insulate it yourself. You can pick up an insulated water heater jacket for a good price. Pipes can be insulated as well. If your pipes run through areas that are cool, see if you can wrap them in heat tape. Less heat will then be lost through the pipes and you can enjoy your steaming hot showers.

Minimise air leaks in your house

If you have any air leaks in your home, chances are quite a bit o air is escaping and costing you money. You can reduce your energy bill by locating the leaks and closing them off. Your doorframe is the biggest culprit when it comes to air leaks. Try weather stripping or a foam sealant to make sure not too much heat is being lost. You can do the same for window frames.

Purchase a Quality Solar Tint

One of the best things that you can do to reduce your energy bill is to put solar window tint in. You may think that window film is mostly for summer. However, it doesn’t only keep the heat out – it also keeps the heat in. Solar window film is an insulator and is able to keep heat from escaping through the glass by up to 92%! This means your interiors can stay regulated for a longer period of time and your heating/cooling system won’t need to work as hard.

Cooltone specialise in residential window tinting that keeps your home safer & saves you money. Get in touch today to see how we can help!