How can Window Tint Deter Burglars

You don’t need convincing that you should secure your home with any method necessary. It’s a scary thought to wake up in the middle of the night to see a stranger in your home. The best case is that they left your home without taking anything, but nobody wants to see that scene plays out badly. One way to protect your home from burglars is by having your window tinted. Although it might not seem like an obvious solution, it is, and we will discuss why that’s the case.


How Can Window Tint Deter Burglars?

Aside from its thermal control and UV protection properties, tinted windows also block the outside views. Tinted windows are hard to peek through, which means that burglars will not want to target your home. They don’t know if there’s anything valuable in the home, and they don’t know if there’s someone inside the home unexpectedly. It’s a simple way to deter a burglar because they can’t gauge if their effort will be worth it while increasing the risk unnecessarily.


Shatter Resistance

Tinted windows are less susceptible to breakage. The layers of window films provide a frame for the shattered glass to hold its shape, as well as increasing the structural integrity of the window. By improving the shatter resistance of your windows with window film, your window may be able to withstand impact with a fist or a metal object, if you are home this will give you time to alert the authorities as you will hear the impact of a fist or metal object against your window. The would-be thief will be unable to smash your window completely in order to take whatever may be within reach as the window film will prevent the glass from shattering.


A common type of burglary is a smash and grab, which is made much more difficult if the window is hard to break. You will buy yourself precious time to escape or to wait for the police to arrive.


Limited Visibility

Burglaries mostly happen at night. When your lights are on, it’s very easy for passersby to see inside your home. However, if your windows are tinted, they will block the view from outside, which as mentioned, will deter the burglars. Your window films aren’t pitch black, but they absorb and reflect enough light to not make it obvious how many people are in the house.


If visibility isn’t something that you’re worried about, but you still want to protect your windows, you can opt for a clear security line tint instead. This type of films provides you with the same protective properties without dimming the outside-in views.


As a homeowner, you want your house to be as secure as possible. An alarm system that goes off when a window is broken is useful, but having another layer of protection is always a good idea. A security window film can help you rest easy at night, knowing that your household valuables are protected.


If you’re interested in receiving all of the benefits as well as that extra peace of mind when you have security film installed, give Cooltone Window tint a call.


Window Tinting – Works all year round

If you didn’t know this before, then this is the perfect opportunity for you reduce your energy cost with the installation of window films. The films will help regulate the temperature in the properties, during both the summer and winter times. Here’s how you can reduce your energy costs this year with a good tint job.

UV Rays Are a Year-Round Concern

The sunshine all year round. It might be less pervasive in winter, but the UV rays still exist and equally harmful to you and your family. With our architecturally designed window tint films, you can reduce the UV exposure in your home by as much as 99%.

Even though it might not be hot in the summer, but the prevalence of the UV rays correlates directly with the exposure to the sun. Especially if you live in areas with snow, the reflective nature of snow can amplify the intensity of UV rays, causing skin cancer all the same. You can reduce UV exposure today by installing a high-quality window film.

Heat Conduction and Heat Gain

Modern houses have a lot of windows, whether it’s the skylights or windows, you are allowing a lot of sunlight to enter your home. This gives the open and broad feel to your homes. However, windows can be the reason why your energy bills are skyrocketing in the summer, as it allows a lot of heat in, forcing you to overwork your AC.

Window films are designed to insulate your house in the winter and block out unwanted heat in the summer. This can be achieved without sacrificing the light exposure in your house, while simultaneously blocking out harmful UV rays out.


Convection and Heat Loss 

As mentioned, heat-blocking window films can help insulate your house in the winter.

Because heat can escape through untinted windows freely, due to the convection effect. When the cold air cools down your window, it exchanges the heat in your house to the other side of the window at the same time. This can make your house feels colder than it has to be, as it can’t retain heat effectively, making you waste your money on the heater.

Thermal windows film adds a layer of insulation to trap heat inside your house and reduce the convection effect. This is exactly what you want to regulate the temperature.


Choose All Season Window Tinting to Prevent Heat Gain and Loss

As you can see, window tinting is a great way to regulate your home’s temperature while keeping your energy bills low. If you feel like your house is trapping heat in the summer and wasting it in the winter, consult with us about your options to make your house more comfortable this upcoming season!

Cooltone specialises in window tint that is perfect for all seasons, speak to one of our consultants to find out how we can provide the best solutions for you.




Improve your Employee workspace with a Window Tint

Productivity is the most sought-after result by any manager. This can be achieved through many methods such as incentive programs and ensuring an encouraging environment. However, you might be overlooking an obvious way to boost your employees’ productivity; tinting your office windows! Here are some of the many reasons why window tinting can improve your employees’ productivity.

Drawbacks of Window Light

Modern offices are often comprised of glass walls. This gives the office an open feel and more light, which improves the overall mood and environment of the workspace, but this isn’t without drawbacks. Unfilmed glass allows a lot of light, as well as harmful UV radiation to pass through, which can be damaging to the human skin, as well as office furniture.

Additionally, window light causes a lot of glare on computer screens, which can be damaging to the employees’ eyesight, as well as their productivity, as it’s more difficult to see the screen. Also, glass walls collect heat very quickly, which can cause the office to become unpleasant very quickly during midday time. These problems can all be rendered non-issues with a good tint job.


Increase Productivity With Professional Window Tinting

As mentioned, glares on the computer screen is a real problem to office workers. Window film will allow you to enjoy the view and natural light source in your office while eliminating unwanted UV rays and light glares on the screen. This will reduce the number of unwanted distractions in the office, making your employees more focused and get more job done while reducing the risk of eye and skin damage.

Another benefit of window tinting that you can definitely tell is the reduced heat absorption in your office. Window film can filter out heat as well as UV radiation. This will keep your office cool and pleasant for your employees, making them worry less about the AC, which will save you tons of electricity bills as well. Additionally, it will help in keeping your office equipment and furniture in good shapes for longer.

Lastly, window tint gives your office that neat, professional look that your office might be lacking. It might not seem obvious at first, but an aesthetically pleasing office space feels better to work in. This is why looks matter for your office, as it’s not only to show your clients but to satisfy your employees as well. And happy employees are more willing to be more productive.

How we can help

If you think these benefits are what your office needs to improve your business’ productivity,  you are going to need the right people for the job to ensure the best possible results. We can provide you with window films that utilized cutting-edge technology. You can be sure that our products will be most effective at UV protection, thermal control, glare reduction and glass strengthening. Our architectural window tint will eliminate up to 99% of the UV radiation that is allowed into your office. Plus, our proficient experts will ensure that the installation process goes smoothly and professionally that will result in the significantly greater longevity and look.

So contact Cooltone today and see how we can help you!





Why you should Tint your Office

A great and cost-effective way to upgrade your workplace is with commercial window film. There are so many types of film to choose from, depending on what you need. With a professional window tinting company, you’ll be getting good advice, quality film, and excellent installation services. But why exactly should you get your office windows tinted? Let’s take a look.



Window tinting is a great way to improve your office in a practical and cost-effective manner. If you’re fortunate enough to have an office with lots of big, wide windows, you probably enjoy all the great natural light that comes in to make for a beautiful, airy environment for your employees and customers. The big windows mean that window tint can make a significant difference to your workspace and improve the comfort and mood of everyone inside.


Some people view window tinting as a building addition that isn’t really all that important. This isn’t true. With window tint, you can enjoy cost savings, enhanced comfort, and be reducing your carbon footprint. The film can keep a significant amount of heat outdoors and reduce your need for air conditioning. It will also lessen glare, which reduces eye strain for your employees. Finally, the UV rays that shine down with the sunlight won’t be able to penetrate your glass, lessening the risk of dangerous skin diseases and premature skin aging.


With window film, you can provide your employees with a workspace that is healthy, good for the environment, and looks great!


As you’ve seen above, window tinting is a wonderful cost-effective way to upgrade your office. There are tinted, opaque, and transparent films with different purposes as well, so you’re sure to find something that fits your needs. There is a lot more to window film than the look. Functionality changes with the type you choose too! Here are some common reasons that people tint their windows:


For Ascetics 

Although window tint is most definitely functional, it’s also a stylish way to upgrade your office’s curb appeal. With big beautiful windows, you’ve already got a space that looks bigger and wider as a result of all the natural light. Decorative window film is a great way to upgrade that space and take it to the next level.

Whether you want frosted film or a modern design, we’ve got a film for you. You can improve the aesthetic look of your windows with any style you’d like and really make both the interior and exterior of your office look amazing.


For Privacy

Another great reason companies tint their windows is the privacy that window film offers. Whether on the outside of the building or indoors on office partitions and glass walls, many employees like having a bit of privacy inside their workspaces. This increases their employee satisfaction, which in turn improves productivity.



Besides privacy glare is another major issue for many businesses, glare can have a negative impact on the wellbeing of office workers and employees, one of the main factors influencing this is the suns positioning from winter to summer it has a lower western trajectory in the cooler months, Cooltone have over 25 years experience working across Brisbane, our team can provide you the best solution to mitigate glare all year round.


As we’ve already mentioned, it’s important that you seek a professional window tinting company like Cooltone to take care of all your window tinting needs. This will ensure that you get the best quality film installed in an expert manner so that it lasts for years to come. It’s a great investment, so make it count! Arrange a free quote today!