Residential Renovation Boom


Australia is on the verge of a major residential renovation boom, with home owners around the country getting set to invest heavily in the renovations of their ageing homes. Nationally spending is expected spend to exceed 8bn this financial year which is well above the trends of the past few years.

Queensland is setting the pace with an estimated contribution to the total exceeding $1.5bn as recently published by QLD Renovation Boom. News covered the coveted 2018 National House Awards, and Queensland have done exceptionally well.


These record levels in Queensland are attributed to upgrades, revamps and extensions to predominantly, workers cottages and Queenslanders. To add to QLD taking out top state in the recent figures a small Red Hill based practice  Zuzana and Nichols, was named the country’s best emerging architecture firm.

QLD also took out the award for the best house alteration or addition under 200 sqm, which was a workers cottage, Terrarium House in Highgate hill, designed by John Ellway, which was transformed into an amazing luscious plated oasis.

With Queensland setting the pace with the renovation market and the average spend on renovations and upgrades sitting in the $100 to $150K mark, people are looking at a variety of options to improve their home values.

At Cooltone we have worked with homeowners for many years working on renovation aspects to improve their value, ascetic look and also in-home comfort.


Frosting Glass and Graphic Film  


Cooltone supply and install high quality glass frosting films many newly renovated bathrooms, as well as high quality custom designed formats for graphics and unique designs.

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Window Tinting

Our experienced team of installers have the skill and resources to set up high quality window tints on residential homes, as the renovation market picks up so have our requests for homes to have a new window tint, to improve the aesthetic and also the in home comfort.



Di-Noc is one of the more versatile retro fit products available on the market, it is available  in thousands of options ranging from wood grain, stucco to steel, with its close to real finish, quick installation and affordable costs, Di-Noc has become a favourite with renovators in the QLD market.

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Some of the Many Benefits of Residential Window Tinting

Residential window tinting is one of those investments that will pay for itself. Besides cost savings, you will also get improved aesthetics and protection. Read on to learn more about this amazing thin film that you can apply to your windows.

There are quite a few types of window film, including window film, security film, and decorative film. Each of them have different functions, but all of them have some degree of the following benefits:

Energy Efficient

You are sure to save a significant amount of money on electricity after you’ve installed film on your windows. These films will make your home heating or cooling system more efficient, so it will not have to work as hard.

Temperature Regulation

With window film, your home will have a consistent climate. You won’t have hot spots, as the tint prevents strong light from shining into your home. The temperature inside will be a lot more stable.

Less Glare

One of the biggest reasons that people decide to tint the windows of their homes is the glare that is often experienced on TV and laptop screens. Why strain your eyes when you could watch your shows in peace with tinted windows?

Reduce Skin Damage

UV rays are still able to penetrate glass and damage your skin. With window film, however, almost all of these harmful rays will be prevented from entering your home. You will have a decreased risk of health issues, including skin cancer and skin ageing.

More safety

Window tints have proved to increase the safety of your home by some degree. First of all, it is more difficult to see inside, so prospective burglars are not sure what valuables are indoors. Second of all, it is more difficult to break, and can even be shatterproof.

If you live in a storm-prone area, you may also benefit from safety film as the glass is more likely to hold together during bad weather.

Easy Maintenance

Cleaning tinted windows isn’t any harder than normal windows. The film is usually scratch-proof and resistant to water, so all you need to do is wipe it with window cleaner.

Increased Privacy

Window film makes it harder to see inside, while still keeping your home looking classy on the outside. That way, you’ll still be able to enjoy your privacy without alienating your neighbours. A lot of the time, your house value even rises because if the improved look.

At Cooltone, we specialise in window tinting residential properties – get in touch today to see how we can help.

The Benefits of Lining Your Windows With Sun Protective Film  

Clearly, sunlight is a crucial part of life. It gives off a lovely warmth and light that we need to flourish. Windows are a way to enjoy sunlight, even indoors. That being said, it does not come without its downsides – at times, we have to deal with terrible heat, damaged possessions, and even physical […]