Commercial Tinting

Commercial window tinting prevents solar heat from entering your office, warehouse or shop. It also keeps air-conditioned air inside for longer, which means less energy is required to keep your business at an optimum working temperature. As a result, lower energy usage means lower operational costs.


Residential Tinting

Solar window and glass tinting blocks solar heat out and keeps air-conditioned air in, so your home stays cooler for longer, reducing the amount of energy required to keep your home at an even temperature. And consuming less energy means less money spent on your energy bills.


Decorative Films

In modern architecture, glass has become a blank canvas for designers to create stunning walls of colour and texture, that also allow for varying levels of privacy and light-flow to interiors.


Safety and Security Films

Glass is often considered the weakest point in a building. If windows are broken during extreme weather or as a result of an unforeseen event, flying shards of glass can cause major damage and serious injury. This can be avoided by installing clear safety film that is designed to maintain the panel of glass in one piece following impact.


Printed Graphics

Windows have evolved and glass is a now a popular medium for artists and designers to realise their creative vision. Add to this the reality of digital printing and virtually any concept for graphics on glass windows, partitions and doors has become both achievable and affordable.


Architectural Finishes

As the costs of building materials and labour increases, architects and interior designers often find themselves restricted to relatively basic construction techniques and textures, but that doesn’t have to mean boring finishes. Our range of architectural finishes gives you the ability to create stunning textures & surfaces without the hefty price tag.



Communication is important to every organisation and, despite earlier expectations for the paper-less business, print-based communication is now more important than ever. Cooltone can provide creative solutions to your complex communications needs, from one-off signage to complete corporate branding services.


Anti Graffiti Films

Graffiti and vandalism are persistent and costly issues for building owners and managers. We provide cost-effective anti graffiti and vandal-protection solutions to protect your property and save you time and money.